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One For The Ladies

Last week in my post A Whisky Lovers Dream Job, I announced to you all the amazing program that Hudson Distillery has launched to find their new Brand Ambassador.  This week I couldn’t resist but share with you this episode I received from the Hudson team about Women in Whiskey.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more Hudson Whiskey episodes!


Whiskey During a Heatwave

Summer in New York City – while we all dream about it during the short, dark days of winter, when the heat index sky-rockets to 105, summer isn’t as glamorous as it seemed.  Thanks to the unbearable humidity and scorching sun, lately I have felt like I am living in a perpetual sauna.  My hair is in a constant state of frizz perched over my sweat drenched skin.  It’s the kind of heat that makes you scour the streets for shady trees and coffee shops blasting cool air.  Despite the grueling temperature and the desire to sit inside my perfectly chilled apartment, my whiskey itch always wins, sending me out in search of a refreshing beverage…and hopefully a good story or two!

Now I know what many of you are thinking “whiskey?!  In 100 degree weather!”  The great thing is that whiskey is not just a cold weather tipple.  In fact, some of my favorite ways to enjoy the delicious amber liquid are heat wave approved and tested by yours truly!


Whiskey Sour – a simple and delicious cocktail combining whiskey (often bourbon), fresh lemon juice and sugar.  The best whiskey sours have a dash of egg white to create a frothy white top on a mountain of ice cubes.


Mint Julep – Often associated with the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep originated in the southern United States.  Today mint juleps are made with a variety of different spirits, but my favorite is the old-fashioned version: mint leaves, bourbon, sugar and water.  You know you have found a great mint julep when it is served in a silver or pewter cup coated by a chilly frost outside the cup.


Bourbon Cream – On a recent trip to Kentucky I was introduced to Buffalo Trace’s latest addition, Bourbon Cream.  The liqueur is a sweet creamy bundle of vanilla and Buffalo Trace Bourbon.  We mixed it with root beer for an incredible dessert treat – the perfect end to a hot summer day!

Stay cool!

The 101 Whisk(e)y Challenge

When ordering a drink from a bartender I often get order anxiety.  I freeze, frantically scan the whisk(e)y selection, and then end up ordering an Old Fashioned.  This process was not helping in my ultimate goal of expanding on my whisk(e)y palate and trying new things, so I decided 2013 is the year to break this mold and learn how to overcome my boring ordering habits!


After racking my brain I decided to run over to Strand Books and pick up Ian Buxton’s latest edition of 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die.  What I like about this book is that it is free of pretentiousness and filled with accessible whiskies.  One night, I slipped my brand new unopened book into my  purse and headed downtown to the Brandy Library.  I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to go about trying these whiskies – was I going to start from page one or randomly open to a page in the book?  I decided I would open the book to any page and choose the whisk(e)y featured.  This worked out pretty well the first time, but when I tried for a second whisk(e)y it took a lot of time to choose one that the Brandy Library had in its stocks.  After chatting with the whisk(e)y sommelier, I decided to turn the book over to him and let him do the choosing.  Thanks to his expertise, I was pleased to find the whiskies he chose were both very different yet equally delicious.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my 101 whisk(e)y challenge.  To help you get started, I recommend the following establishments to visit on your journey.

The Brandy Library


A NYC staple for whisky aficionado’s this establishment has some of the most unique whiskies around.  Perfect for cozying up with a dram and melting into one of their oversized leather couches.

The Flatiron Room


One of NYC’s newest whisk(e)y establishments this venue offers over 600 whiskies and live entertainment.  You can even purchase your own bottle which will be kept in your personal whisk(e)y locker!

Caledonia Scottish Pub


A cozy Scottish pub with a knowledgeable and friendly bar staff.  The perfect place to call your neighborhood bar!

The Highlands


Trendy as it’s home of the West Village, the Highlands is a true gastropub inspired by Glasgow and Dublin.  There is always a great crowd here and the staff will pour you a malt or mix you up a cocktail with one of their 130 bottles of Scotch.

I would love to hear where your favorite whisk(e)y establishment is!

Smoke and Whiskey

One of my favorite activities is jet setting off to different locations where I am lucky enough to experience new places and the people who bring them to life.  Recently I was introduced to Teresa also known as the Smoking Hot Cigar Chick.  Creator of the Smoking Hot Cigar Chick website, Teresa shares her great love of cigar culture with the world.  But she is much more than a pretty face slapped on a cigar review.  She is a passionate soul with a grand presence.  She appreciates all the little luxuries life has granted her from strong family roots to her successes as a model in the fashion arena.  She will intoxicate you will her thrill for life and educate you on the importance of appreciation.  Let’s see what Teresa has to tell us about how cigars became such a big part of her life.

Tell me a little about the first cigar you smoked.

The first cigar I smoked is very much like the first glass of wine I ever had, I can’t recall either of them and wish I could. It was less about the item and more about the people and events around me. It took me years to finally realize that I needed to begin truly appreciating and learning about what I was smoking and what I was drinking. I think the same was true of food, but I grasped onto the importance of the culture to it much sooner. I’ve always loved reading about the history and culture of food, so wine, spirits, and cigars fell right into place. I do remember the first cigar band I kept though- it was a La Flor Dominicana DL700. The first wine that held a true personal significance to me was a Zepaltas Pinot Noir.

What inspires you most about cigar culture?

I think one of the most unique factors about cigars and the cigar culture is that everyone is on the same level. Everyone can afford to smoke “the best cigar” and it really is about the blend and experience, not the price. The cigar community is like a very close family. No matter where you come from or what you do, none of it matters. All that matters is the moment you share, that experience of indulgence brought by the beauty of the cigar. It’s different than any other hobby really and I don’t know if I am able to explain just why that is. There’s almost an instant connection when you share a cigar with someone or with a group of new friends (and they do become friends). I think in other hobbies it can take some warming up, but the cigar community is so close that it is like one family right from the beginning. There’s no need to impress, it’s about the enjoyment and relaxation.

What is your favorite cigar occasion?

Every day is an occasion to me, but my favorite is a difficult one. Hmm, I know my favorite setting is one with a cigar, spirit or cocktail, and a well prepared meal. I adore tasting menus. Unfortunately it is difficult with the laws to find places where the combination of the three are permitted indoors. Honestly it would have to be the day of the week where all of our friends get together and celebrate the day with great food, special drinks, and cigars. We are a “food family” so to speak. Some are chefs or bartenders, others are amazing people with the same passion for taste. Everyone contributes to the group, be it preparing food, bringing beer, wine, whisky, or cigars, and we share it all. It’s always special, sometimes there’s even a theme involved like a specific country. It’s always so much fun and a treasured memory as we look forward to the next gathering.

You talk about creating memories.  What is one of your favorite memories involving cigars?

My favorite memories are the unexpected ones, and by that I mean the circumstances were unexpected to me. I adore being a part of that moment where a dear friend of mine who adores wine or food has that first cigar that they really connect to. It strengthens the bond of our friendship and just the new-found excitement of it all makes me smile, even now. Certain people come to mind, with stories of their childhood and travels. Another great memory I have is a recent one after the funeral of a dear family member. After the funeral, we gathered together as a family and while sitting outside sharing stories and fond memories, we all smoked some very special cigars. It was the first time we all smoked cigars together as a family.

Smoking cigars, like drinking whisk(e)y, is often perceived as a masculine activity.  How do you let women know that they can feel comfortable indulging in these luxuries?

There is a certain elegance in both cigars and whisky, which to me stands out over the masculine verses feminine perception. I don’t think most women take issue with including pants within their wardrobes they’ve made them their own. I don’t think the masculine aspect of cigars or whisky is a negative thing, unless you determine it to be a limiting factor. I love adding my own feminine twist to things, it’s how I make things my own. There’s a balance. You enjoy what you enjoy because of how you connect to it, not how it is perceived. I would say to not worry about it, focus on the luxury of indulging and grow from there. I’m quite proud of the things I like, because they mean a lot to me. What another person has to say about them or my partaking in the activity is irrelevant to my beliefs and certainly won’t change them. I like being the lady in the frilly dress and high heels with a Glencarin of whisky in one hand and cigar in the other. It’s who I am and it makes me happy.

I see you have written quite a few posts that involve whisk(e)y, do you have a passion for this spirit as well?

Whisky was my first fascination when I began drinking. I just loved the complexity of the flavors and adored the nose! It was like perfume… perhaps why I enjoy cigars so much as well. I’m very sensitive to smells, and wonderful ones like these make me very happy. I went in a funny order, I began with whisky than moved to wine, then beer and then cocktails. I made the move to wine rather quickly and was distracted away from whisky for a while. My focus was primarily on food and then wine at that time. I think this was because food and wine were more accessible at the establishments I was around. There were more options to explore. But whisky always returns to me with such grace, I adore it. I’m especially fond of rye and single malt whiskies (from Scotland or Japan). I tend to enjoy rare or limited releases which force me to constantly have dusty bottle searches at random shops, but there is a part of that I enjoy as well. I try to give attention to all my passions equally and am determined to continue learning more.

What is something about you that may surprise people?

Depending on where or how you meet me the answer is always different, haha. For those who meet me in the modeling world it is that I enjoy whisky and cigars. In the whisky and cigar world it is my fashion and image obsessions. Though I think in both, many are surprised by my taste in music. I enjoy industrial and electronic music. I love classical as well, but I greatly adore artists like Underworld, Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Meat Beat Manifesto and Cabaret Voltaire to name a few. I’m kinda random!

What is the strangest reaction you have gotten while smoking a cigar?

The strangest reaction I’ve gotten is someone coming up to me and asking “why”? Nothing else, no hello first just a direct question with wide confused eyes, waiting and staring at me. It was a little awkward. It seemed like they were ready to attack or just simply couldn’t understand how someone like me (whatever that means) could not only be doing this but also enjoy it. I answered that I am obsessed with taste and that I wish to eat my way through the world. I reflect on my passion for cigars along with wine, spirits, and food all in the same statement. They are one and the same to me and so I treat them that way. When the person connected with the wine they started thinking and were fascinated. They became really interested and kept asking me questions- good questions. I was delighted. It could have gone a different way but instead this person walked away understanding a world they had otherwise completely dismissed. They had a new understanding and respect, and oddly enough they were excited by it!

When do you feel sexiest?

When I am lounging in the house in my vintage peignoir with either a Glencairn or antique cocktail coupe beside me, a cigar in my hand, and either music playing in the background or a book in my hand. The moment is mine- all mine, and I love every moment of it. Often there will be a cat or two in my lap to complete the moment, but that is when I feel sexiest.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Definitely my mother. She is the reason I am who I am. She was orphaned as a child and survived so much in her life. Her stories were incredible. Nothing was easy and everything she did was for those she loved. She was expected to pass away when I was very young, but to the surprise of doctors survived for just over a decade longer. I would watch her cook and help in any way I was allowed to. We would host brilliant parties and she was always such an exceptional host. Everything she struggled through in life was so that I could have the freedom to enjoy the simple luxuries. For me, if I am not indulging and appreciating these amazing freedoms, then I am not respecting her. She taught me everything, and more importantly she taught me to look at things with a different perspective. I take nothing for granted and am incredibly blessed.

*click here for more on The Smoking Hot Cigar Chick!

Sexuality: A Single Malt Experience

Last night while watching the season premier of Mad Men, I started thinking about the sexiness of the modern day woman.  As a woman it is easy to struggle with our sexuality.  On one hand, we demand to be taken seriously.  We yearn and deserve positions of authority and want to be respected in such roles.  On the other hand, we want to be lusted after; to feel sought after, beautiful and sensuous.  In reality, however, there is no set definition as to what sexuality is.  It is a state of mind…something that  develops over time and is unique to the person who embraces it.  I have been told that the sexiest thing a woman can do is walk up to a bar and order a delicious whiskey on the rocks, but I think there is more to it than that.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Glenfiddich’s 125th Anniversary celebration hailed at the iconic Statue of Liberty.  Under the starry sky music filled the air, whisky filled the glasses and malt master extraordinaire Brian Kinsman filled my notebook with inspiring single malt wisdom.  Throughout all of my geeky whisky questions, he continued to emphasize how all whisky begins as the same three things: water, barley and time.  I found this extremely enlightening.  To know that a 12 Year Old Glenfiddich and a 50 Year Old Glenfiddich both start off as the same ingredients but morph into two very different products shows that there is a need and a desire for variety and range.  

Likewise, sexuality and whisky have many similarities.  Their physical compositions both start out as a defined chemical makeup, but over time and with the addition of uniqueness they elude confidence and ownership of who they are.  This is what creates a truly sexy woman and a truly sexy malt.

 Pioneering Sexuality

This is the woman who innovates and breaks boundaries.  She is versatile and uses her knowledge to be adaptable wherever she may be.  Just as the Glenfiddich 12YO  challenged whiskey drinkers by mixing itself in cocktails, she challenges society with her pioneering attitude.  She is the life of the party as she sits perched at the bar speaking to those worthy of her breath.  She is elegantly complex, has a fiery attitude, and is able to allure men with a hint of mystery.

 Understated Sexuality

This woman is more focused on being experienced then on creating something new.  She is the quiet woman sitting by the fire rather than the bubbly personality surrounded by a circle of salivating men.  Like the Glenfiddich 21YO, she pulls you in from afar; only those willing enough to pursue such an exquisite creature will gain the pleasure of holding her attention.  There is an intensity in her eye and a spiciness on her tongue that will leave you longing for more.  

 Timeless Sexuality

A product of time, her presence commands a room.  The fine lines on her face are beautifully scripted, showing the remnants of lovers throughout the years.  Her beauty, timeless; her mind, a wealth of history; her body, a movement of elegance.  Like the Glenfiddich 50YO she is sought after by the passionate and knowledgeable man; a man who knows what he wants and appreciates a mature soul.  She has an astonishing taste of confidence behind her years and will leave you with a sense of tradition and aspiration.  And it goes without saying, she is sexy as hell!


Drinking Whiskey is Sexy

Enough with the Pink concoctions!  I have come to realize that most women who order a Cosmopolitan, Sex on The Beach, or any other fruity mixture are not always sure what they are looking for.  These were the sugary drinks that were cute to sip on in college while donning the cocktail umbrella behind our ears, but now that we are out in the “real world” it’s time to let go of the sugar rush and embrace our refined palates. 

Christina Hendricks

Give yourself some credit!  Women are proven to have sophisticated taste profiles better suited to enjoy  fine liquors rather then some neon creation.  Whiskey is filled with an abundance of aroma compounds including chocolate, honey, caramel, pear and vanilla; this sounds much better to me then cranberry juice and vodka!  Showing you can appreciate a great malt is not only self satisfying but will also stop any man in his tracks.  You just may get that date you were looking for! 

5 Reasons Why Drinking Whiskey is Sexy

  1. She drinks it because she enjoy it, and she is not just trying to impress.
  2. It resembles a woman’s modest confidence – it is smart while still being fun and flirty.
  3. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask for it.
  4. It’s part image, but a huge part taste.  Both are important to men.
  5.   Because your man will be much more willing to sit through a chick flick if you have a bottle of The Balvenie to share during it!

Next time you find yourself in a bar try ordering a whiskey.  You might be surprised just how much you like it!