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The Decision: A Whiskey Lovers Dream Job

Back in March I wrote to you about the exciting competition Hudson Whiskey had launched to find their new Brand Ambassador.  After following the contest for the past four months, the team at Hudson has found their match!  Check out Han Shan, Hudson’s newest addition.


Stock Up for the Super Bowl

Dear Whisk(e)y Lovers,

With temperatures hitting record lows a little whisk(e)y is wonderful way to keep warm; and what better excuse to enjoy a dram than the Super Bowl!  For all of you who will be watching, or pretending to watch, the big game here is a great way for you to order your spirits.  ReserveBar.com is a new and innovative website that allows you to shop for liquor online and have it delivered straight to your home.  In other words, no trekking out in sub-zero temperatures!



Cheers and stay warm!


What to Drink Right Now


About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting The Whisky Woman…aka Alison Patel.  I first learned about Allison during my research on other women in the whisky world, and was excited to find out that she too lives in NYC (what a coincidence)!

After following Allison’s blog for some time, she came out with an exciting and groundbreaking announcement.  Not only is she a woman who is passionate and knowledgeable about whisky – she is a woman who founded, produces and owns her own whisky brand – Brenne!  I knew I had to meet her and try Brenne.

I met Allison at a sampling event last fall for Brenne.  There are not enough good things to say about her; she is sweet, down-to-earth, driven, passionate…the list goes on.  What really resonated with me was the fact that her whisky is truly a product of her own blood, sweat and tears.  She has been involved in every step of the process; from conceptualizing and travelling to Cognac where she met her distiller, to starting her own importing company through which she imports Brenne.  Every step of the process was and is authentically Allison.

Not only is Allison’s story incredible, but so is the whisky itself.  Brenne is unique in that it is produced in the Cognac region of France, clearly not the norm for whiskies.  This first edition, entitled Estate Cask, has no age statement as every barrel is bottle in Single Barrel releases.  Upon tasting it I immediately got notes of fruit, especially banana, which is beautifully balanced by the spiciness of malted barley and sweetness of the Cognac soaked oak barrels.  Let’s just say that it was so good that I walked out with two bottles that night!

After enjoying Brenne over the past year I have come to find that my favorite way to sip it is neat with a twist of citrus and a few drops of water.  If you are in the market for something new and a little different than what you are used, to I highly recommend Brenne.  (Not to mention I always enjoy supporting my fellow women in the whisky community!)