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Sweet Tooth With a Touch of Bourbon

Around 3PM each afternoon my sweet tooth kicks in as I scour the office for a left over piece of Dairy Milk from a UK visitor or what crumbs remain of the cookies from yesterday’s board meeting.  Usually I am left with a choice between a bowl of apples or a Tullamore Dew and Coke.  Knowing that pouring a whiskey mid-day is not the most responsible choice I started thinking about other ways to incorporate the delicious spirit into something sweet to conquer my craving. 

What could be better then Bourbon infused desserts?  The mildly sweet, smooth spirit is perfect for dribbling over cake, pouring out of the center of fried dough, or making a creamy milkshake buzz worthy.  Below are some of my NYC addictions. 

Where to go: Jane’s Sweet Buns – Pastries inspired by cocktails. 

Have your cake and drink it to!  The shops spit fire owneress, Jane Danger, has a bartending background at the renowned Cienfuegos but has traded her cocktail shaker in for a bakers sheet and rolling pin.

What to order: The Old Fashion  Pecans, Bourbon, Sugar, Vanilla, Angostura Bitters are combined to create this perfectly sticky treat.

Find it here: 102 St. Marks Place between 1st Ave/Avenue A NYC 10009


 Where to go: Flex Mussels

Shhh…it’s a secret.  Well, kind of!  After a meal of some of the most unique mussel dishes prepare to indulge in an off-menu collection of warm donuts injected with some of your favorite booze libations. 

What to order: Instead of grabbing the rather usual desert menu, pass it up and slyly ask for “the donuts” instead.  You will not be disappointed with the fluffy sugar rolled circles of dough oozing with a creamy spiked center.  Hopefully you will get the Maker’s Mark Caramel!

Find it here: 154 West 13th Street (Between 6th and 7th Avenues)


 Where to go: Burger & Barrel

A modern take on traditional foods.  Try a burger smothered in bacon jam but make sure to follow up with a milkshake for adults only!

What to order: The Caramel Twist.  The smooth mix of vanilla ice cream and sticky caramel sauce is complimented by the sweet burn of Maker’s Mark bourbon.  If you must, skip the burger and go straight for the dessert!

Find it here: 25 West Houston Street, NYC at the corner of Mercer Street


Where have you found amazing spiked sweets?