TWD Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this weekend!  Do you find yourself gift-less scrolling through pages of Google searches for that perfect present?  If so DON’T PANIC – you still have time to pull off a stellar “Dad” gift that will ensure you are his favorite (well at least for the day)!

This Father’s Day Gift Guide is all about whisk(e)y experiences.  Whether Dad’s a whisk(e)y maven or just up for trying something new, these NYC events are sure to entertain!

For the Cheese Lover







Whiskey Business: Whiskey and Cheese

Tuesday July 9th 6:30PM – 8:00PM

$75 per ticket

Now this is my kind of whiskey tasting!  The perfect pairing for a hunk of cheese is an equally perfect glass of whiskey.  Murray’s Cheese explores the origins of whiskey taking you though the wide variety of aromas and tastes of the world’s best whiskey regions.  Whether they’re light and honeyed, have a rich, sherried sweetness, or leave your tongue dripping in peat-smoke, Murray’s has picked a cheese that will excite all these delicious flavors in your mouth.

For the All American








Shopping for Bourbons at The Flatiron Room

Tuesday June 18th 7:00PM

$65 per ticket

The Bourbon craze has officially spread like wildfire!  So if you cannot take your Dad to Kentucky, why not take him to the Flatiron Lounge for a taste of six extraordinary Bourbon Brands.  Led by Heather Greene, you will learn the ins and outs of what makes a whisky fabulous and which ones are worth the hefty price tag.

For the Film Enthusiast










Prohibition Era Cocktail Cruise

Thursday June 20th 9:30PM/Friday June 28th 7:15PM

Step back into the Golden Age and live the life of Gatsby for one evening.  Inspired by 1920’s Prohibition Era Cocktails, you will learn how to mix some of the most famous tipples while soaking in the history of their creation.  Tell Dad not to forget his pinstripe suit!

For the Scientist 









The Origins of Flavor in Scotch Whisky

Tuesday July 2nd 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Perfect for the Dad who is is interested in breaking things down and discovering how they are made.  This evening is presented in a seminar format discussing the different production methods and their impact on the flavor of whisk(e)y.  Most importantly you will learn how to verbalize the different techniques associated with whiskey –  definitely scoring you bonus points for making Dad look like a whiskey expert!

Cheers to a whiskey filled Father’s Day!


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