Where to Drink: Union Square

One of the best parts about living in New York City is discovering the exciting places that pop up in each neighborhood.  Perched above my very own neighborhood of Union Square is the newly opened Hyatt hotel which has finally opened its doors after five long years of construction.  What I love most about this hotel is that it mixes contemporary design with a classic style.  The corner of 13th Street and Fourth Avenue remains wrapped in the historical façade which keeps the charm of the city block.

Hotel Lobby

Stepping inside the Hyatt, you are immediately transported into an oasis of artistic design.  A 23-foot high ceiling greats you in this grand entrance dressed in custom pieces, designed by acclaimed interior designer Paul Vega.  The space has an entirely modern feel, but not the modern that represents icy metal and sharp lines – the Hyatt is anything but that.  This space takes a new meaning to the word modern with its use of materials and elements from the natural world, evoking the creative and luxe bohemian spirit.

Ok, so now the really exciting part!  Inside this urban sanctuary sit two brand new restaurants by One Five Hospitality Group, led by well-respected restaurateurs Jo-Ann Makovitzky and Marco A. Moreira.  They have created a space for all things single with the original Singl Lounge.  This sexy and vibrant setting features a custom bar and seating.  Above the bar hangs a translucent, fabric scrim ceiling of suspended, twisted vines – a modern inspiration of a classic chandelier.  The metaphor is most explicit in a commissioned art instillation depicting a flock of birds emerging from a feather – a tongue in cheek gesture.  In addition to a menu of artisanal cocktails, Singl offers an extensive list of Single Malts, Single vineyard wines and, most importantly, I’m sure a selection of single New Yorkers =)



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