Whiskey Gifts for Fancy People

I absolutely love this time of year.  I constantly find myself walking around the city in my furry boots and mittened  hands in search of branches dipped in colorful lights and the scent of pine delicately wafting through the air.  There is something about the holidays that throws me into gift giving overdrive.  Whether peering through the windows of Bergdorf’s or browsing on my MacBook, my mission each December is to find the best gifts for all of my loved ones.

If you are like me, you too will spend countless hours obsessing over the perfect gift idea down to the exact wrapping paper to use and the note to correspond.  For my whisk(e)y lover gifts this year I wanted to find something different; something more unusual then a favorite bottle of whisk(e)y.  After weeks of Googling I heard about a new(ish) website called TheFancy.com.     TheFancy.com, created by Joseph Einhorn, is part store, part blog and part wish list.  It is a photo-based site that allows users to connect through shared tastes while providing them with the option to purchase the things they like.  Think Pinterest meets Gilt Group.  Upon searching “whiskey” I found pages of chic and interesting gifts that I had a hard time not purchasing for myself!  Here are some of my favorite fancies for this holiday season!


Toasts & Tributes

For anyone who has ever had to make a toast you know it is not always easy to find the right words to say.  This book, offered at Brooks Brothers’, details what and what not to say during any occasion.  This beautiful leather bound book is detailed with gold-leafed pages that will look great on display at your home bar.




Old Scotch Whiskey iPhone Case

For the girl or guy in your life who is always seen with a glass of whisk(e)y in hand what better then a whisk(e)y iPhone case (assuming they have an iPhone)!




 Stay Sharp Horn Whiskey Tumbler

Packaged in a set of two, these flawlessly smooth tumblers are the perfect gift for any whisk(e)y connoisseur.  Each tumbler is handmade and one-of-a-kind made to last for generations to come!




 Whiskey For President Tee

I absolutely love this gift for all of my whisk(e)y dames (hint hint)!  A fun oversize t-shirt to show that whiskey is not just for men!



Cheers to a happy holiday!


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