Vegetarians Beware!

I must thank everyone who has contented to tune in during this month long drought of Whiskey Dame insight.  You are truly inspiring!

Sometime during my disappearance from the blogosphere Spring snuck out the back door.  I could sense the Summer season by the clusters of awe-struck tourists, parades of food trucks lining the streets, and the random outdoor festivals popping up around city blocks.  For those of you who live in New York City I am sure you are familiar with outdoor festivals.  Most of them consist of the same lemonade stand churning out bright yellow juice and grease carts serving up “dirty waters” (those are hot dogs for the rest of you!).  But what really makes NYC unique during the summer are the speciality food festivals that bring vendors in from around the nation, and today was no exception!

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party hosts tens of thousands of meat lovers who come to enjoy some of the best BBQ from around the country.  After meeting up with a few fellow foodie friends we decided it was time to embrace our inner carnivore and see what this festival was all about.

As we approached Madison Square Park my mouth began to water as the smokey aroma filled the air.  The streets were lined with some of the best roasted, braised, and fired meat being seasoned and served up by 18 of the most renowned pit masters in the United States.  Cues of hungry BBQ lovers wrapped around the edges of the park but were surprisingly orderly and quick.  The biggest dilemma we had was what to try first!

Our first stop was New York City’s own Blue Smoke.  A true lover of beef ribs I was excited to try Kenny Callaghan’s salt and pepper ribs.  These incredibly beefy bones had the perfect amount of spice crust while remaining fall-off-the-bone tender.  And did I mention they were absolutely delicious!

Being that the festival was almost over for the day we made sure to snag some BBQ from a non-local joint.  We headed over to check out Drew Robinson’s Jim ‘N Nick’s for a taste of Alabama.  A true passion for honest Southern cooking Jim ‘N Nick’s was serving up homemade smoked sausage drizzled in a tangy BBQ sauce with a side of pimento cheese.  It was an explosion of smokey and spicy that felt completely balanced on the tongue.


To compliment this meal of meaty goodness I pulled out my tiny silver flask filled with a true American Whiskey.  There’s nothing better on a Saturday afternoon then some good old fashioned American BBQ and whiskey shared with friends!



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