Show Her Some Love!: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

7:50PM running through the cracked streets of SoHo in pursuit of Kate’s Paperie.  Your four inch Manolo Blahnik heel catches on a random cobble stone floating in the middle of the street.  Suddenly you are plummeting face-forward cheek planting into the sidewalk.  Your Prada bag soars overhead landing upside down in a pool of crumpled up dollar bills, lip gloss and expired Metrocards.  Wall Street suits and evening joggers step over you as if you are part of the pavement and a homeless man takes a crack at snatching one of those crumpled bills.  It’s now 7:58 PM and you see the metal gates being pulled over the stores door as you rush to collect your things.  Defeated, you hobble on your one unbroken heel, stick your hand out onto Broadway, and wait for a cab to come scoop you up.  And all of this because you waited until the last minute to purchase your annual “You are the Best Mom Ever” Mother’s Day card!

Ok, so I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but let’s be honest – Mother’s Day has lost its glimmer throughout the years.  Long gone are the days of macaroni heart jewelry and finger painted cards.  This holiday often slips our minds leaving Godiva and to save us in our last minute gift distress.  But Mother’s Day should not be about generic gift giving and increasing Hallmark’s sales, it should be a celebration honoring mothers, maternal relationships and the influence of mothers in society. 

 So instead of grabbing that last minute box of chocolates try something new this year!

 A Piece of Art

With the invention of the “smart phone” traditional photography has taken a backseat to the quick snap of an iPhone camera.  Our frozen moments are now detailed in mobile albums on our facebook pages instead of living inside frames around our homes.  Take a page from photo history and create a physical piece of art.  You can restore an old picture from your mothers past or choose a great current shot of the two of you.  Have it enlarged and printed on a beautiful silk photo paper.  Get creative and pick a really special frame; you can either go to your local frame shop or sift around antique stores for a unique and rustic touch.  You will be sure to warm any mother’s heart with your creativity and lack of confusing gadgets! 

 An Afternoon Affair

Between your morning spin class, your day job, and your dating life we know it’s hard to always pencil in time for mom.  Cancel your plans for May 13th, skip your afternoon Green Juice, and take your mom out to New York City’s most fashionable address, the Plaza.  A famous tradition at The Plaza is afternoon tea service served in The Palm Court.  The menue boasts with delicate savories, scones and sweets for the two of you to choose from.  Spend the afternoon indulging in an icon of luxury; a place where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Truman Capote, and The Beatles once dined as well!

 For more information visit

 A Boozy Date

A modern twist on the classic afternoon tea, the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails are celebrating Mother’s Day in a salute to women in the spirits industry!  Cocktail enthusiasts and “matriarchs” of the distilled spirits industry alike will come together for a very civilized afternoon of tea cocktails and conversation featuring the women who run this industry.  (Participating companies include American Fruits Liqueur, Bulleit Bourbon, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, Laird’s Applejack, New York Distilling Company, SquareOne Organic Vodka, Tuthilltown, Macchu Pisco, Zacapa Rum, and Perfect Puree.)  The women behind these great brands will gather at the New York Distilling company to share stories and commiserate about launching distilleries, building brands, supporting the family business, and more! 

 For more information visit

Your mom (and Manolo’s) will thank you for making Mother’s Day so special!



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