A Drinking Occassion

Springtime in New York is one of those occasions that make me realize why I live in this beautiful city.  There is something comforting about the smell of cherry blossoms mixed with iced cappuccinos and the clanking of espadrilles dotted with freshly painted toes.  Springtime is when the city really beings to come alive – dark corners are painted in tulips and urban buildings glisten while baking in the sun. 

Daylight is lingering longer creating a thrill of enjoying the outdoors.  Clusters of imbibers crawl out of their favorite backroom speakeasy in exchange for a prime square of storefront concrete.  The creaking of café windows opening signal the beginning of the al fresco dining season, or as I like to refer to it as the most extraordinary people watching season!  So grab a good friend or your lover, and a whisk(e)y and test out these NYC warm weather destinations.


Set in the trendy streets of Soho Barolo is the perfect stop for traditional Northern Italian fare.   Escape the busy streets by slipping into the back garden for an intimate dinner amongst fashionistas and international tourists alike.


Shake Shack Madison Square Park

An instant favorite to locals and visitors alike, the Shake Shack brings tasty fast food and park dining together.  Set yourself up on a park bench and enjoy a juicy burger or frothy shake while scoping out the Flatiron crowd. 


Frying Pan


Before docking itself at Chelsea Piers, the Frying Pan is said to have spent three years at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay.  Complete with an exposed engine room and access to musty sleeping quarters this dive bar on water is fantastic for after work crowd viewing.  Grab your girlfriends and a bucket of beer and spend an evening on the Hudson. 




Set on the east river Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark is one of Manhattan’s few waterfront dining experiences.  The décor is inviting with a modest chic vibe lined in twinkling lights.  Ask for a table on the large patio and indulge in a smoky Manhattan and casual conversation on the water.




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