Sexuality: A Single Malt Experience

Last night while watching the season premier of Mad Men, I started thinking about the sexiness of the modern day woman.  As a woman it is easy to struggle with our sexuality.  On one hand, we demand to be taken seriously.  We yearn and deserve positions of authority and want to be respected in such roles.  On the other hand, we want to be lusted after; to feel sought after, beautiful and sensuous.  In reality, however, there is no set definition as to what sexuality is.  It is a state of mind…something that  develops over time and is unique to the person who embraces it.  I have been told that the sexiest thing a woman can do is walk up to a bar and order a delicious whiskey on the rocks, but I think there is more to it than that.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Glenfiddich’s 125th Anniversary celebration hailed at the iconic Statue of Liberty.  Under the starry sky music filled the air, whisky filled the glasses and malt master extraordinaire Brian Kinsman filled my notebook with inspiring single malt wisdom.  Throughout all of my geeky whisky questions, he continued to emphasize how all whisky begins as the same three things: water, barley and time.  I found this extremely enlightening.  To know that a 12 Year Old Glenfiddich and a 50 Year Old Glenfiddich both start off as the same ingredients but morph into two very different products shows that there is a need and a desire for variety and range.  

Likewise, sexuality and whisky have many similarities.  Their physical compositions both start out as a defined chemical makeup, but over time and with the addition of uniqueness they elude confidence and ownership of who they are.  This is what creates a truly sexy woman and a truly sexy malt.

 Pioneering Sexuality

This is the woman who innovates and breaks boundaries.  She is versatile and uses her knowledge to be adaptable wherever she may be.  Just as the Glenfiddich 12YO  challenged whiskey drinkers by mixing itself in cocktails, she challenges society with her pioneering attitude.  She is the life of the party as she sits perched at the bar speaking to those worthy of her breath.  She is elegantly complex, has a fiery attitude, and is able to allure men with a hint of mystery.

 Understated Sexuality

This woman is more focused on being experienced then on creating something new.  She is the quiet woman sitting by the fire rather than the bubbly personality surrounded by a circle of salivating men.  Like the Glenfiddich 21YO, she pulls you in from afar; only those willing enough to pursue such an exquisite creature will gain the pleasure of holding her attention.  There is an intensity in her eye and a spiciness on her tongue that will leave you longing for more.  

 Timeless Sexuality

A product of time, her presence commands a room.  The fine lines on her face are beautifully scripted, showing the remnants of lovers throughout the years.  Her beauty, timeless; her mind, a wealth of history; her body, a movement of elegance.  Like the Glenfiddich 50YO she is sought after by the passionate and knowledgeable man; a man who knows what he wants and appreciates a mature soul.  She has an astonishing taste of confidence behind her years and will leave you with a sense of tradition and aspiration.  And it goes without saying, she is sexy as hell!



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