A Passion of the Senses

I like to think of myself as a passionate individual.  All of the elements in my life, the little pieces that make me who I am, are results of an enthusiastic foundation.  When it comes to whiskey, I am no different; especially when involving a brilliant Scotch.  My passion for this golden libation is driven by the incredible ride it sends my senses on.  A fine Scotch should not be thrown down as a shot or guzzled back in a watery mixed drink.  It deserves to be savored and experienced honoring the years of dedicated workmanship required to create a liquid masterpiece.

When you sit down to enjoy a glass of take your time and let your senses take over.


Watch as the whisky flows out of its glass package and into a delicate tulip container.  The liquid will glisten as it envelopes the tulip walls.  Enjoy the color and recognize its depth as you are looking at a small piece of history.


Let your nose drift inches away from the glass, inhaling each note in the bouquet.  Close your eyes as you take in the different scents.  Notice the earthy peat and search for aroma compounds such as the subtle hints of gooey honey, juicy pear or bitter dark chocolate.


Listen as the whisky gently falls into your glass.  Each time you sip the water of life you create a moment.  Listen to the atmosphere you have created.  It could be happy and celebratory.  It could be serious and refined.  Whatever it may be, notice that instant and embrace it.


Let your finger dip into the glass and rub the juice between your thumb and pointer.  Touch the insides of your wrists or behind the lobes of your ears.  Feel the whisky absorbs into your skin leaving behind a faint and sophisticated perfume.


Finally!  Bring the glass to your lips and gently sip the liquid coating your tongue from front to back.  Pay attention as you feel the whisky flow down into your belly revealing different flavors along the way.  Repeat and notice how on your second taste more layers become obvious on your palate.

Next time you open up a single malt see where your senses take you.  Introduce yourself to the opportunity of passion and you might just be surprised at the new appreciation you have found for the whisky drinking occasion.



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