In The Spirit

Despite my dislike for the cold I have to say December is one of my favorite months of the year.  I get a kick out of stringing tiny white lights over every inch of my “spacious” apartment, exchanging my fake fruit décor for brightly colored glass balls and of course all the while enjoying a Scotch in spirit of the holidays.  My favorite part of this time of year is getting together with friends and celebrating each other’s health, happiness and success.  In the spirit of celebrating others I thought it would be fun to expose super sexy smart women who enjoy whiskey as much as I do!
Meet Lara Eurdolian; a 28 year old New Yorker with a passion for fashion and a thirst for whiskey!
WD: What is your occupation
LE: Founder of; a blog which covers all things pretty and corky.  I ramble about random beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle and philanthropic happenings.  This site is all about having fun, one lipstick at a time and a reflection of me and my adventures in NYC.
WD: What is your favorite Whiskey and why?
LE: Jack –no real reason why, just been a Jack and Ginger girl since college and we seem to be in a good relationship, so why quit now?
WD: How do you take your whiskey?
LE: With Ginger ale – always!
WD: Who are you inspired by?
LE: Anyone that’s doing exactly what they love and surviving.
WD: What do you do for fun?
LE: Exploring! I love going new places whether it’s finding a new restaurant or taking a trip to place I’ve never been.
WD: What is one of your favorite whiskey experiences?
LE: My birthday, my favorite drink and my favorite people all in one room!
WD: What is something that may surprise people about you?
LE: I can’t stand sweet drinks (and it’s annoys me they are called “girly drinks”) and I love playing ping-pong
WD: What do you like to learn about regarding whiskey?
LE: Easy specialty cocktail recipes based on what one likes to drink. Either add-ons to an easy base like whiskey ginger’s or a completely different recipe that others who enjoy this drink recommend. Also I always enjoy alcohol and food pairing articles.
Let’s raise a glass (or in this case a Jack and Ginger!) to the people who inspire us to follow our passions. 

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