Last Friday Night

Last week New Yorkers were all on edge with the news of the various natural disasters occurring in the tri-state area.  The thought of our precious island washing away by big bad Irene sent us into panic mode.  With every television set stuck on NY1 we drained our local grocery stores and Duane Reeds of bottled water and beer and made sure the bathtub was filled with water.  After clearing everything off my balcony and covering the windows with masking tape X’s I decided I better enjoy my Friday night considering I would be locked in my tiny apartment for the next three to seven days. 
I joined my friend at the super trendy but always satisfying l’Express for some pre hurricane fun.  After several glasses of wine, a spicy steak tartare and a giant pot of steaming mussels we decided it was time for a real drink.  I ordered a scotch…neat and to my surprise the waitress knew exactly how to serve this.  1 glass of scotch, 1 glass of ice, 1 glass of water.  There really is no right or wrong way to enjoy a whiskey but here are some options:
Single Malts – Should be ordered neat or with a few drops of water.  While water is not a must, a dash of it will help enhance the ability to taste the individual flavors that can often be masked by the well-known “burn”.  It has become fashionable to add a huge rock of ice, but beware as this could dull the flavors and aroma.
Blended – It is popular to order blended whiskies with ginger ale or coke (ie. The infamous Jack and Coke).  I usually take mine in an Old Fashioned or straight shot!
My “last supper” was magnificent, complete with a great pour of Glenfiddich 15 year old and fabulous company.  I was ready to be locked in my tiny apartment with my candles and whiskey to help ride out the storm, too bad in NYC there really wasn’t much of anything!



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