Guidelines for a successful night of drinking in dame fashion

I strongly dislike using idioms, but Thank God It’s Friday is rolling off my tongue rather easily today!  It’s been a long week, so pick up your phone, and text your girlfriends. This long week is finally over and it’s about time for some whiskey therapy.
Step 1: Pick a location – Get out of that dark, dingy, decrepit dive bar and try something new.  Weather permitting, enjoy the last bits of the summer sun hours and head to an outdoor sanctuary.  For you fellow New Yorker’s, The Mulberry Project’s back patio is the perfect spot to lounge and sip on a cocktail.  Make sure to order some munchies as you are in for the long haul tonight!
Step 2: Damage Control – Do not and I repeat DO NOT be that girl in the corner on her phone all night.  Trust me, no one wants to talk to that girl; guys and girls included. Zip up your blackberry, iPhone, iPad and any other technological device that might tempt you to text, tweet, facebook, poke, blog, and whatever other social networking tool you have up your sleeve.  You are with your friends, so take the time to enjoy each other’s company (not to mention that drinking and texting can be a very dangerous combination!).
Step 3:  Choose your poison – Start with a favorite, a concoction you know will satisfy your taste buds.  A good Old Fashioned always does it for me.  The balance of a delicious rye whiskey, Hudson is on my list of favorites at the moment, with the sweetness of maraschino cherries and the citrus of an orange, brings me to a place of comfort and relaxation.  Let’s not forget that is Friday night, so why not to a risk of your next round!  Pick your favorite whiskey/bourbon/scotch and ask your bartender to surprise you; you might even discover your new favorite drink this way!
Step 4:  Relocate – It’s time to step out of “recovery” mode and step up your game.  Basement dance parties are recently making a claim for the top spot of nightlife power rankings.  Head over to SGTs, a subterranean dance hall that’s partially lit, covered in military stars, a giant dance floor and a wood banquette top, inviting you to dance on top of.  All inhibitions aside, walk up to the bar and order your scotch neat.  You will find a new found confidence as the guy next to you looks and smiles confirming his approval of not ordering a watered down cosmopolitan. 
Step 5: Enjoy – It’s been a long week and you deserve every moment of pleasure possible.  Give a new meaning to the expression “Thank God It’s Friday” and end your night with a smile on your face and a whiskey on the lips.


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