Drink Like a Dame

For the first time all summer, I found myself with no plans of escaping the brutally hot city for the upcoming weekend.  Excited by this, I decided to dedicate my Friday evening by revisiting an old favorite as well trying something entirely new.  After enjoying a plate of linguine and clams and gulping down my last sip of Orvieto Classico Superiore at the always pleasurable Morandi, it was time this Dame check out the hype at Employees Only.
Around 8PM I stepped past the doorman, shimmied by the fortune telling session, and ended up in an old-world speakeasy. The space was complete with a tin ceiling and mixologists who look like they fell out of the 1920’s.  I was greeted by a smiling gentleman behind the stick and two empty bar stools in the otherwise packed lounge; two things a New York City hotspot usually lacks.  The cocktail menu was extensive and included traditional drinks such as the Manhattan, but I decided to leave it up to Principal Bartender, Dev Johnson, to make me a drink to swoon over.  After telling him a little about my tastes and my love of all things whiskey, he presented me with the perfect concoction of bourbon shaken with lemon juice, homemade grenadine and a few dashes of absinthe bitters.  I laughed when I was told this wonderful creation is named the “Billionaire Cocktail”; of course that would satisfy the taste buds of a broke twenty-something year old trying to make it in the big city.

Four cocktails later, a ton of laughs, and a surprise shot of Fernet Branca, I have to say that my I can truly appreciate why Employees Only won World’s Best Cocktail Bar at Tales.   A little kindness and a good cocktail can go a long way for this dame!


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